On-chain places of interest to plug into your metaverse.

Columns or Totums can tell the story of a Village, Empire or People

Traversing a maze can focus the mind. Intricate geometries can bring us closer to a higher understanding of divinity.

A well gives us water. It regenerates life.

Inspired by the original Loot contract, FFFollies are randomized structures and settings generated and stored on chain to enrich and expand the fabric of metaverse built environments. FFFollies create a point of interest and aim to frame behavior and interaction, supporting the experience of immersive worlds.

Story Based Gaming Experiences need space and place, to frame how characters behave, to differentiate one story from the next and to add interest, intrigue and even motivation. A successful gaming experience often employs an immersive world with memorable places.

At its root FFFollies are each a simple structure with a simply defined function. How that function impacts the characters and gaming experiece is left to builders to interpret.

I hope, in building the FFFollies project, to inspire others to build atop the IP agnostic meta data structure. Gaming worlds can layer their own structrures and assign functionality accordingly.

FFFollies and Loot: Inspired by the Loot project, the intiial FFFollies library will be a Lootverse "lego" set in the fantasy themed Loot Universe of Adventurers and Adventuring Gear. Head over to the Loot FFFollies page and wiew the Loot FFFollies Lore. (note: as of 6/29/2022 those pages are still under development).

Working out what to build, I distilled my questions down to the following two:

Why do we build space? The primary human answers to that question are shelter & safety, work, community and in support of our deficiency needs like food and water. Below, I break these down indicating how these answers take shape in games.

Shelter / Safety / Security

Home / Base


Dungeons / Game Play


Comunity Rooms

Support Needs


How do we make space a PLACE? There are many answers to this question. My most straight forward answer is our inner held beliefs frame our actions and perceptions. Our perceptions of space and actions within form our mind's application of meaning to that space. When we imbue a space with meaning it is solidified in our mind as a place.

Beliefs -> Actions / Behavior -> Perception -> Meaning

Space with meaning = PLACE

What is an FFFolly? FFFollies are a collection of web3 composable text-based "building-block" NFTs representing a construction in the Lootverse and other web3 gaming metaverse.

Text Based: Inspired by the original Loot contract, FFFollies are expressed with an on-chain SVG and aesthetic simplicity. As a text based primitive, this allows owners and builders creative freedom in imagining the aesthetic of each FFFolly.

What can FFFollies do? Thinking critically about the functionality of Earth based structures we can derive some categories of functionality that apply to gaming environments. Primarily FFFollies function to impact Attributes, impact Resource States, tell stories that move players forward, or form some combination of the three.

FFFollies store the following functions on chain:

Tell or Advance Stories

Impact Attributes

Impact Game/Player State

Stories + Attributes

Attributes + States

Stories + States

What are the Possibilities?

  • Waypoint or Destination
  • Door to a dungeon, Stopover between dungeons, or the Climax of a dungeon
  • Point of interest within a dungeon or mapped area
  • Provide a quest, Support a quest, or Be a quest
  • Enhance a spell
  • Enhance or Reduce Abilities
  • Enhance or Reduce game states like character life, equipment durability, in game time.

Where do we go next?

  • Next step is to publish the project.
  • Step 2: publish a Gitbook of FFFollies Loot Lore highlighting FFFolly functionality and the thinking behind the function definition among other information. (already under development)
  • Step 3: Work with other Lootverse projects to plug FFFollies into the universe.
  • Step 4: Seek out other projects and interested developers and work with them to build FFFolly collections for their project.

Like most Lootverse builders, FFFollies is a side project of mine, a labor of love I'm building under the name Lark Workshop. I'm a full time Architect by day, dreamer and creator by night.